I think we need something positive in here. We're all here for healing, ways to help ourselves, and support. The nature of this issue is very negative - the after-effects, the fallout, the nightmares, phobias, anxiety, fears, anger, bitterness, addictions, all of it.

How about something positive? Just for a try, or a change.

I'm not sure which folder to post this into - as an ASA-only, I don't feel right posting over in the Male Survivors forum since that seems mostly CSA-oriented, but this thread really is for ANY survivor, regardless of whether or not they are CSA, ASA, or combined ASA/CSA.

The point? Post something positive. Post something that's important to you. Finish the sentance. It can be anything, so long as it is related to the abuse/SA. It can be so simple as "I am still struggling" or "I am still alive" or "I am a survivor" or "I am not giving up." (Just a few possible examples.) Anything that you feel fits you in finishing the sentance. You can post more than once, you don't have to stick to just one post. If you make a post and later on feel like adding another statement - then do so!

I'll even start us off.


I am still fighting.

Adapt. Overcome. Survive.