I remember hearing a story once about an older gentleman who got a letter from a nephew requesting money. The older gent couldn't read so he had a neighbor read it to him. The neighbor happened to be someone in a bitter divorce and family scandal. After the letter was read, the older guy said "That little snot - I'll never send him any money!" Couple weeks later he ran across the letter again and had a different neighbor read it - this time it was someone who had just had great news, had a good life, was feeling great. After the letter the old guy said "Hmm - must have had a change of heart, I'll send the money now".

My point (and opinion, of course) - when we read anything, it is flavored/colored/tainted/scented by our present mood or state of mind. At least I know that's true for me. So what I try to practice (emphasis on TRY) is if a post strikes me as an attack - I try to leave it alone for a couple days, read it again, read other's reactions if there are any - and see how I feel. 99% of the time I don't see it so much as an attack, rude, or cruel. Besides, regardless of how a post was intended - how I react is still up to me.... I think...

Now as stated earlier - if I could just master the skill...
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