Pero, Scott, Sailor John, Anomalous, and Magellan--

I love all of you.

I've already gotten through half of my document and I just finished domestic violence. I have a feeling the csa part will go faster -- kinda like a steamroller. I don't want to squash this woman. I just want her to know that we (csa and asa survivors) deserve --no, are entitled to our presence. A big part of male suffering on the csa, asa, and domestic violence recovery process is the bullshit of the "damsal in distress" or children of the present being the opnly ones who have validity. I know of men who have huge peices of furniture, etc. thrown at them, who were beaten regularly with pots and pans - and NOBODY was there for him. But were he to raise his hand in defense --- Not even use it, just raise it. He's be in jail.

I'm telling you, the same, even as a faggot, of being devalued by people because as a baby I was "adult enough" to fight off two abusers weighing probably doulbe than me with four arms twice as long as mine. Legs 3X as long as mine. Every fucking thing bigger and more powerful than mine How the hell can these creeps have the audacity to think that child that huiman being could even come close to fending off those mutha fuckin pigs!!!!

Sorry, now I am so mad! I'm mad at the pricks who abuse us now. they tell us to get over it. They question our ability as human beings and our experiences. They ---well, you know.

Anyway, love you all. Obi wants me to post the paper. I'm not sure. Maaayyybeee.