One of my good specialists explained that heat helps muscles realx, also if you can stand it, ice first to bring down swelling, then the heat...the heat is then supposed to bring fresh blood rushing in, to aid healing. Problem can be ice tenses muscles (yet it helps nerves since swelling is less and presses on nerves less) so if you can alternate the two, it is best. 20 minutes of each.

This is a tough thing for most, alternating, and if just the heat helps...skip the ice! or vc vs. (vicious cycle, ugh)

Try to go easy lifting on the job.

Stretching ham strings is the NUMBER one muscle you should stretch, also calfs and quads...3 minutes each, for a total of 18 minutes every moring if you can. this can help soooo much.

I hope your back heals quickly.

Thanks for the well wishes Sam.

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