You're not in an uncommon place.

I recently started seeing a counselor at the local crisis center in my area. (She's admitted got next to no experience at all with males at all). One thing she said though, as we talked, was that she was very surprised that I still held strongly to my faith. I'm guessing with the things she talks about daily with people, that many struggle or give up on it entirely.

It's no easy task to deal with these issues and certainly faith is difficult in the face of great hardship, especially when we're experienced great evil at the hands of others.

I sat in a group last Wednesday night. In that group the topic was the Sovereignty of God. The issue of course came up about hardships and difficulties etc. And as I listened I heard all the old tried and true answers and as continued to listen, I thought to myself... these people haven't got a clue how to answer someone who has experienced the things I have, that we all here have. I thought briefly about bringing it up, but by the time I had gotten my resolve to do so, the class moved on to another issue and it didn't feel right dragging us back to something that had already been discussed.

Maybe sometime I'll have the chance again. We'll see.

I thought I had more to say but my mind has gone blank and I've sat here for quite some time with nothing else coming.

Heal well.