I'm doing a term paper for the Understanding and Treatment of Victims of Abuse. Since my teacher, in my humble opinion, is little behind on the issues of male survivor, and she loves case studies, I was wondering if anyone would be willing to give me permission to quote from your story or a post so I can better support my position on standing up to her misconceptions about male survivors--she leans heavily on that 85% of all perps imprisoned were victims, but she lacks emphasizing the much lower percentage which relates to the overall survivor population. She requires references so I would use the site and your screenname. I would not give her access (i.e., my password and screenname.) I would only use the material as a quote in the paper. She is the only one who would have access to it (the paper,) however I may show it to my T to discuss as part of my healing process.

All that said, if anyone would like to share in that capacity, let me know and tell me exactly what I can use to quote.

Here's the important stuff. Under no circumstances do I want anyone to feel compromised, threatened or unsafe. Believe me, I want everyone here to feel completely safe. Understood?