I've had this same situation play out with you before.

When someone writes something declarative like
Gay is gay folks. Period and all that there is.
well, that's not someone who is really open to conversation especially if you've read all the posts up to this point in the thread, IMO.

I will say that I reacted. I didn't attack, I reacted. There's a difference. Some reactions are stronger than others and that's where people think its personal attacks on them rather than disagreement with a concept that has been written and posted. I can attack your concept with counterpoints without attacking you. I think its hard to feel that difference or to write about a topic like this dispassionately. I think that is where a lot of "hurt" seems to occur.

I've worked a lot of stuff out on this board on this topic and I've seen other members do the same and then go back to old positions and then grow again and so on and so forth. Sexuality and orientation, in the arena of CSA or in general, is a hot button issue.

I will add my voice when I want regardless of whether anyone agrees with me or not or makes baseless accusations. I'm sensitive but not overly so and not to the point that I will stay quiet to ensure others' "safety" while negating my experience. I did enough of that in my life (but this is in no way equivalent to being quiet about having suffered sexual abuse).

No regrets here and no group hug needed. This board can handle all of us regardless of whether we agree on this or not.

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