I long ago removed myself from most of these discussions. I also am very hesitant to enter any discussions on SSA as I was not abused as a child or teen. I was an adult with a well established identity as a man who was gay.

I would like to simply say this though - I think we are talking two different things here. I do not use the term SSA in relation to me. I find the term to be a clinical one and think more in terms of those who were abused and are now left with this in their recovery.

Gay is gay folks. Period and all that there is. You cannot turn back gay and make a guy straight.

But if a man has been abused as a child or teen I think they could work through the SSA in their lives if they feel it is not their true sexuality. I am no expert on that but have talked to many men here who have done that in their lives.

It is all about respect for the other side and knowing one's recovery is not necessarily the other person's recovery. I find it tiresome when the debate goes into a personal one. Once and for all we need to see that we are talking two different topics here.

Without respect, and I am talking all sides, then the topic is really an ineffective one.

Broad statements often miss their true mark.