There is no way to make the gay go away. You can not pray it, wish it, hope it, flagelate, drink, drug or otherwise stop it. You can only chose to either act on it or not. That's where the convenient " gay lifestyle " argument comes in. I have never heard of "hetersexual lifestyle", its your choice to be str8(you know. when you sign the agreement). Both are bullshit terms. So yes lets put it to rest, cuz finally despite any rational mind already knowing the argument was bs. It's time for bed. The barbarians are tired.

I've read many, many, many, many angry posts like your posts over the years and posts like your posts where one person like you declares an issue dead. Its amusing to me.

For information's sake: gay went away for me but only through work and self-acceptance that it didn't matter to me either way.

I work with a gay therapist, I have friends who are gay in my daily life and I have friends who've dealt with unwanted SSA and no longer do. I have actual experience that you don't have. I know men who've "healed" their SSA because they wanted to and not via religion. For me, there are many paths to wholeness.

The science of studying sexual orientation and its malleability will go on even with your declaration that its over and with Spitzer's letter (that will simply be added to his study).

The reason that I don't engage further on point-by-point basis is I don't think in terms of either/or, black/white, right/wrong, us/them. Its fruitless to engage and really, really old to me. I also don't think in terms of ex-gay. I think in terms of SSA and whether you are comfortable with it or not. I also don't think in terms of changing orientation; I think of uncovering true orientation beneath the surface. So I'm not going to argue terminology that I am not behind but I respect the right to engage in that therapy for those who choose it.

I don't think you need to apologize for being technical. I think you might want to look at your tone, though.

Edit: Added some additional breakdowns of "studies" about homophobia and orientation and the complete lack of conclusiveness as posited above. Enough.


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