Interesting artical, though myself one thing that has always bothered me is that my own experience seems fairly unique, in that there were multiple female perpetrators at once, ---- indeed the phrase "gang rape" is possibly true in my case. particularly unusual as it was multiple teenaged girls.

i must admit, while I have no animosity towards any individual woman, I find the idea that girls of 12-18 are always seen as precious, weak and needing protection really disguists me, especially when i remember the occasion I! got yelled at by a teacher for perpetrating abuse when I punched one of those girls in the chest.

I'd love to write on this topic myself, especially when i've finished my phd, but I'm extremely afraid that doing the research, reading all the view points that state how evil men are, that men always want s/x and that because a man's body respondes his mind must also be involved would be extremely triggering and upsetting.

the ironic thing is, that though I've never had any sort of romantic relationship, most of my friends are now female, though none are what you would call sterriotypically female in their beliefs or have sexist views about men.