Wow, I am speechless and amazed about how strong and how much support that has been shown in this forum. It is very hard to be a minority of a minority of a minority. To be not only a survivor but a male survivor and also a male survivor who was sexually abused as a male. I have to agree with everyone here that it is hard to hear those statement about finding and connecting with your inner boy when it is our inner man that was hurt. I myself have to sit and change those words to better fit my situation. It is hard and challenging and my hope is that just like with females and males who have been abused as children that as we come out and share our stories and experiences about our ASA and voice our concerns and our needs that we will see change. This change might be slow, which is hard, but my hope that one day that change will be more inclusive to find health for other ASA. So I thank you for taking the time to share these experience and your stories and remember that your experience helps other ASA struggling to find a community.

Josh Bytendorp