As a male i am expected to have sex whenever i get the chace. I am expected to crave it. I often find myself in a situation where i am having sex just because I am a man and thats what men are suppost to do. Then i end up regreting it, i enjoy sex but what i want is a relaionship. I have only had one relaionship it lasted four years and it stared with a one night stand. So now i tend to have one night stands hoping a relaionship spawns out of it. I was a virgen until 23 i am 28 now and have only been with 5 women my entire life. This to me seems like a good thing but in the male social circle it is frowned upon. All five times it was either a one night stand or atleast started that way. Most of the women who want me in their lives expect me to be the guy on the side just once i would like to be the guy