Good article that does a pretty decent job of debunking the "females don't abuse" myth.

Not sure about the idea that females rarely sexually abuse other females... I'm part of another online community that is mostly female and the HUGE number of women there abused by other females is almost staggering.

I went to a training seminar once where a woman (Doris Van Stone) shared her story, over the course of a whole week, of horrible sexual abuse. She shared about the sexual abuse she experienced in an orphanage she spent her childhood years in and then being prostituted by the family that adopted her...

It wasn't until the last day that she finally shared that in that orphanage, where all manner of sexual abuse took place... there was not one single male employee.

The more I learn, the more I realize that our "statistics" or horribly slanted and biased. I'm seeing more and more that women abuse as much as men and boys are as often the targets as girls are.

Hopefully in time as awareness is raised and ignorance is destroyed those biased statistics will be righted.

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