Its ironic, I remember being hostile and mean to a kid in school that was gay, not sure why, just seemed like the right thing. I played sports, co-captained the basketball team, he did macrame' and fussed. I wish I could apologize. I bet he's not even gay, just good with knots. Well that and he was a snappy dresser.

The original article I sited helps explain that. 160 thats the number of college students in the study. 7 authors by researchers in 2 countries. It's not one man's opinion, and its not specious. Specious is when you dont even read the article, which is your perogative, but then dont comment on something you are not even privy to or clearly haven't the capacity to grasp.

Please provide if you will anything other than your opinion. This is not my opinion, its cogent reasoning based on controled observation that explains why Some men have heightened homophobia. Nothing more.

The article on the "ex-gay" study, was about the guy who wrote it saying his words had been misinterperted and taken out of context, he didnt change his mind, he said the "ex-gay" guys , the ones who can 'pray the gay away' are twisting his words for their own "horse race". And yes Mike Wallace who was old, did change his opinion because he felt his original premise that all homos are mentally ill perverts came from a place of ignorance. I never once said anything about after the womb or before. I have no idea where you got that.

When i showed my 17 year old son the study from the Journal of Psychology and we talked about it, he said, "no shit dad, you dont need to be a scientist to see that". Logic and rationality , that's the difference.
The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. Dalai Lama

WoR Barrie 2011