A place for discussions among male survivors about sexual identity and sexuality.

I read what you had to say bradley, so I re-read the purpose of this Forum.

I thought thats what i was discussing. my view is not from any pedistal, I read stuff that may be beneficial to other men struggling as I was. Thats all. Nothing more. Trying to maybe untangle out some of the confusing strings.

I lived a life so full of confussion, anquish and feeling that i was alone in my experience. Lost in a place that I could not seem to make sense from. Sexual identity was a huge issue for me, so i dont take it lightly. I guess what i am saying is if other guys are questioning there feelings and there is information out there that is helpful, why not share.

I wish I had know more about CSA and how it affects our sexuality. I may have saved myself and others a lot of pain.

If you have any ideas, please feel free to share them.

Btw , this is what you wrote previously

[i]I guess we'll see how safe it is in here for SSA convos with my post haha. Let me preface by saying the obvious: I'm not trying to offend. I just want to be honest with my feelings. Hopefully, everyone here (and I mean everyone) can post how they really feel without fear of a kind of persecution for coming in here from a different side of the coin.[/i]

So all I ask for the same thing you asked for, nothing more.
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WoR Barrie 2011