I wholeheartedly disagree with your conclusion. I don't believe one man's opinion - one day one thing, one day another (changed due to old age and fear of a bad legacy maybe?) means more than one man's opinion.

I don't believe its as simple as you might put it. Besides, there is a complete lack of scientific agreement/basis for the roots of orientation. It is generally accepted that it is a combo of nature/nurture, not just nature.

I don't believe in calling the movement ex-gay. I think that's a problem. I think its about all men, whether at one time gay-oriented or not, finding comfort in being able to move toward sexual wholeness regardless of whether the outcome is somehow threatening to certain groups heavily invested in confirming their own beliefs (beliefs, not facts).

I feel strongly on this topic and will always counter what I consider too much one-sidedness on the issue of orientation. However, it is not done with hostility.

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