dear ken,

i was told by the testing people that i should ask my questions this way. they sat with me for one hour plus before he was called in for the questioning. they instructed me to ask the questions this way. it was in austria, eisenstadt, wagner sicherheit. the questions were asked in english, as this is his language. the results i got in german, as that is their mother tongue and they asked me if they could give it to me in german. yesterday i got this short report i posted, i translated it into my simple english because i cant really speak/ write better english. i have also asked about the facts of the abuse, but nothing that i didnt know before came out and the answers to that part were all true.
he abused her for 4 years, how many times is not possible to know, because he himself doesnt know. he didnt penetrate her with anything and he didnt take his clothes off. he masturbated on her leg and on her vagina, him with clothes on, her having to take it that he licked and sucked her breasts (after she had some and also before she had some). he licked her vagina once, but he would have done it more often, but she squeezed her legs so hard, he couldnt get hold of it, without her shouting and that he didnt risk. he touched her bumb, but not inside or at the entrance. this was due to her being scared when he came and she immediately turned onto her side, almost stomach. he couldnt turn her around then, because she fought it. this asshole should have known she would talk because the last few months he could only get hold of her breasts, but this is also only because she protected her mouth. she didnt want to be kissed and used her arms to protect her mouth. so he had the breasts free and this was easier for her than her mouth. for 4 years he tried to kiss her on the mouth and didnt manage even once. he used to kiss and lick around her neck and breasts. when he went down to stomach with hands or face, she squeezed and told him to stop. he got confused over that and left the room.
there are no real misunderstandings here about what he has done, because she remembers everything clearly. and he also went to her one day asking, if she cant just accept this somehow and she asked him if he was crazy. he felt very disappointed. i dont really understand how he could possibly think at any point that she would say yes.
during all the abuses she couldnt do anything against him twice. the first time he touched her, cause she was shocked. that time she went to him in the evening and told him, not to do this anymore. he promised her not to. the second time she became stiff and sort of a robot, when he first licked her vagina. she couldnt move and her body didnt follow her. she stared at the lamp above her. she had her arms on her face. after that she cried.

my question if he has done anything else than what i know about, was based on the things i already knew. and it seems that was all (what a stupid way to say it, cause it was more than enough!!!), due to the test, it was all.

ken, if you say this test is nothing worth, then i dont have any other chance in europe. i dont know about the uk, but i didnt find any other lie detector test in italy, austria, germany, switzerland. these are the countries i can access within a few hours. unforunately over here its very uncommon to have lie detector tests, because courts dont accept them.
so basically this test is all i had access to. it was 700 euros for the test and another 500 to go there and come back. but if you tell me, that this is nothing worth and not even an indication, and i should not listen to it in any way, then i would definately also take him to the usa and do another one/ few over there. this is only possible if he is still a free man until the summer holidays. i depend on the holidays as i am a teacher and i have 5 kids, of which 4 go to school.

thank you for your answer!
everything is always okay in the end, if it's not, then it's not the end