Hi Ella,
interesting questions and answers. I'm not expert but I don't like his answer about Sandra:
"question: what did you feel for sandra in between abuses?
answer: i always felt she is my daughter. i felt i am proud of her to have her as my daughter. i felt i should stop it and i knew it was wrong what i was doing. i tried to control it many times and then i also didnt do it, but then i did it again.
answer of the system: largest part of the answer is NOT true."
It seems to me that he has seen her more as object and that he says something what he should say... Also I'm not sure about answers relating to you, maybe it sounds to me like he is aware of some of your insecurities and trying to give answer that would be the best; I wonder has he felt those in first place or he learned about it trough conversation....
Anyway it is good that he said mainly true.
Please consider sending all questions/answers to Ken Singer and his friend. Let some experts see it.
I don't know about jail and would he heave some treatment there? But he will definitely need some very good therapist with some serious references...
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