This was just published the other day. It basically says if you have a parent specifically father that was Authoritarian overbearing /hyperdogmatic and unaccepting of the childs core sense of self. This child is more likely to grow up homophobic due to a real reaction to an internalized fight against their repressed self.

Their implicit orientation(gay) is repressed and squelched by an explicit orientation( hyper not gay). So to distance themselves as far away from the possibility that they could even admit it to themselves let alone others, the boy/man does an external 180.
CBC explains it a little less technically here:
The point is, curing gay or not accepting gayness may be a way the boy/man causes a defensive mechanism called " REACTION FORMATION" . This is where there is such an inner conflict the the anxiety producing unacceptable emotions and impulses are mastered by exageration of the opposite tendency.

Holy cow, this is the same week the guy who wrote the book on ex-gay finally recanted saying he got it wrong. Which was posted in the lgbt forum buy Markk

So here we have a link showing these two things are linked. Does anyone think Bachman and that ilk are NOT gay? Guys like Ted Haggard preaching against gays, oh and the rent boy thing with you know who. There have been many, cuz its a part of whole - I need to prove I am not gay so I will hurt those guys so "real" guys can see I am not one of the "them".

It is time to finally put all the Ex -gay stuff to bed.

Its not that your father didnt bond with you, its he didnt accept you as you were/are. Further maybe cuz he didnt accept himself. Your experience may have been his inner hatred turned against you with tragic results.

This further supports a study published in scientific american which ironically mirrors shakespeare's quote about protesting too much. So isnt that what ex-gay bs is ? Protesting too much. Men and women comfortable in their identity and sexuality couldnt care less about who someone else sleeps with.

I am not saying men with attraction towards other men are necessarily gay, but if this has been an issue, Then there is at least the possibility that the boy/man is gay. Whether the attraction towards males is wanted or not. And honestly - ITS OK.

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