I don't know how polygraphy is in Italy and I am not a polygraphist. However, I am familiar with polygraph in my work with abusers. Basically, a polygraph works on the physiological responses to a person (breathing, sweating and other emotionally driven respobejnses to a series of questions.) The answers can only be asked of behaviors and answered by a yes or no. The questions cannot be multi-layered (Did you feel guilt when you molested her?) and have to be clearly understood (molest is not an accurate description... must be "did you insert your finger in his anus?"

The questions are limited to three or four salient questions and other questions are used for calibration. So, a question of "Did you ever fly to the moon?" is legitimate for a calibration. ("Now tell me that you have flown to the moon").

There are so many bad questions in this polygraph that I can't even comprehend that the results would be accurate.

If you wish, I would refer the questions/dialog to one of my polygraphist colleagues if you would like.
Blissfully retired after 35 years treating sexual abuse