The Stockton Record is reporting that tests show that Kelly had "pedophiliac tendencies" and was sent away for "behavioral issues"

A Catholic priest recently found liable for sexually assaulting an altar boy by a civil jury had been sent to a behavioral health center to be evaluated on his sexual deposition several years before the alleged rape occurred.

The former priest of St. Joachim Church in Lockeford, Michael Kelly, showed pedophilic traits in a psychological evaluation ordered by the Diocese of Stockton, but the test results were inconclusive, said John Manly, who is representing the former altar boy.

Sent to a treatment center for "behavioral issues.."; parents' complaints about inappropriate behavior; "pedophiliac tendencies." This same story has played out all over the country.

I am a victim's advocate who is urging victims of Kelly to come forward. We know there are many others out there. We are asking that anyone with information contact us: Or you can send me a private message here at Male Survivor.

You can also see a request for the Kelly victims to come forward here:

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