This all is interesting.

When I was eight I was molested by my step-dad, it went on for two years. Ever since I have had a strong desire to be with other men sexually. This is fine with me, if I am born this way then ok, BUT I am married and been married eight years. I do not want to ruin my marriage to become "who I am".

It is so difficult to go through this and I live in a small podunk town in Arkansas, where I have NEVER spoken to someone else who has been abused. 1 in 6 and you would think I would meet someone, it is just no one talks about it. I talked about it at church one time and thought I was going to get kicked out.

In May I will be going to a WOR in GA, I cannot wait. I want to go from victim to survivor.
I am DOUG, not Egbert!