Male CSA survivor here...I haven't posted my story, yet, but I'll get there.

This thread is a bit if a mine field for me, so far I've only scanned it. I think there are three incredible mom's here, sherefe, confusion4life and pat8 (if I missed any you're included too)!

I have to say I thought "Oh no, what if women show up here on MS?" Boy was I wrong, you're all 20's on a scale of 1 to 10!! smile

Thanks for posting and that includes chatting too.

pat8, the article & your post above^ has shed some light on how I can sort some of the crap out between me and my mom. So have the other mom's posts. I know you're all working hard to figure this mess out. I welcome more mom's here. I also especially encourage younger and/or motherless csa guys to reach out to the "mom's".

Thank You Mom's! smile