I ask all his supporters in the parish if their child had been a victim--a there is always the possibility because victims do not always come forward until decades later-would they be standing there today in support. It sickens me. It seems people only think of themselves, brainwashed by the institution and a child of another parent is disposable to some people. Victims at all ages are the victims over and over again-family members deny them and believe the almighty priest is a hero and proclaim the victim a liar--this is how it feels when I read of the blatant ignorant support this priest has received. I can tell being Catholic I can see many people I know walking in support of the priest and saying victim get over it or you are full of sh**.

Hopefully he never returns to coach and guide young people. And I hope the supporters do not wake up one day and learn their own child was abused and feared telling anyone including them--does the environment of support created by adults make a child comfortable speaking of their abuse. Hell no in my mind.