Father Michael Kelly of Stockton, California was found guilty by a civil jury of sexual assault of an altar boy in the 1980s at the Cathedral of the Annunciation in Stockton.

What makes this case unusual is that Kelly's supporters from his congregation showed up in droves every day in an effort to intimidate the jury and the victim.

Read the comments by them in the news story below after he was found guilty yesterday. Sickening. They even attack SNAP, the group for victims of priests

Then Kelly- who has been removed as a priest, gave a tearful "I'm innocent" speech to his congregation. Very inappropriate of him.

Both the victim and Kelly testified at the trial. Here's what Tim Lennon of SNAP had to say about the victim's testimony:

Both Kelly and the plaintiff testified, and the alleged victim's courtroom breakdown was one of the defining moments of the trial, according to a man who attended multiple hearings.

"He was in Day 2 or 3 of testimony and cross-examination, and he had an outburst," said Tim Lennon, of Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests. "He pointed and yelled, 'You raped me, I was just a kid,' and it came from the very core of him as a person. It hit me to my heart, and I assume it had a similar effect on the jury."

Thanks to Kelly's victim for his courage and bravery. Congratulations to lawyer John Manly ( who appeared in the documentary about abuse "Deliver Us From Evil" ) for his win. There are many other victims of Kelly out there. Please contact the police, or get a lawyer. There are sure to be in statute victims out there, and they could help build a criminal case against Kelly.



The plaintiff's attorneys also argued Kelly had victimized multiple children, but testimony from an alleged second victim was not allowed into trial.