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You post is terrific except one thing: equating success with sports isn't realistic when 95% of the other kids aren't even considered. Schools rarely, if at all, let everyone that wants to play do so. For example, Penn State itself has 95,000 students and maybe 150-200 in football and maybe 300-400 or so in all their sports. If it's 500 it's still an incredibly low number. In my high school it 75 players in all sports and about 2000 students. Pay sports is out of reach for a lot of kids as well. It's prohibitively expensive. When I was a kid, if I had parents who cared to begin with, it was $50-100-200 to play baseball. And that was 20 years ago. Local baseball leagues here is easily $500-1000 when you count travel. Sad to say, it's mostly upper middle class or the wealthy that play.

Spending tremendous amounts of resources on 5% of all kids for sports is a terrible impropriety to all the other kids that don't like it (the majority) and would rather explore the arts and sciences. That's where we fail. See many people volunteering to coach arts and sciences? No. Band is very expensive since 99% have to buy instruments. Kids have to raise money a lot of the time to participate in band.

School psychologists serve 200-250 kids on average. They admit they cherry pick who they help. (NY Times and lots of newspapers and news television has reported that in the last decade or more). When I was in school, most of the times there were no school psychologists. They were based out of the district. Advisors had the same issues. In that 2000 student school, we had three advisors. I never saw them but once in high school unless I submitted a form for AP classes. They denied most. Only the chosen saw them every semester which was the local big shots and school teacher's kids since they knew about it. They "in" crowd basically. Every military and poor kid I knew they blacklisted. I was a poor military kid.

Kids like me that were smart in the arts were wholesale discriminated against. The class, a big one, they had was filled the year before. We only knew about them because we knew the kids in it. It's how we found out they had it. An advisor told me the special students, including his I might add, got those classes. The local families with pull. This goes on all over. Their college was too important. Ever see how many remedial classes there are in college? Enough for some students to spend two years before they work on their degrees.

Charter and magnet schools, unless there is a scandal, always goes to those same kids I mentioned. Add some poor ones to make it look good. They ones that are open to anyone is just a pass the kid to get rid of them. It's not the teachers fault. It's the administrators doing lots of favors.

Penn State disgusted me since the victims will be made scapegoats for the corrupt in-charge of the college. Strange the people they fired were all retirement age including 84 year old Paterno. They'll sacrifice a few so the board of trustees can wipe their hands of this mess they hate dealing with, and partook of by the sin of omission, in the first place. Like the Catholic Church, it'll be about money, in this case taxpayers money, going to the victims so they can all boast and beat their chests and say how fucking brave they were. You know it's the truth about the politicians scheming to deal with this sex abuse scandal. Paterno shirked his responsibility and all the others including a grad assistant turn coach and a lowly janitor did too.

In America, we need to have a serious discussion about why 3-5% of students, jocks and jockettes, get all the extra-attention while the other 95-97% are just ignored. This discussion won't happen. Politicians and other scam artists (administrators with six doctorates in nothing), due to the short attention span of the public, will lie and scheme. You know they drill. Just so they can do nothing and get awards for it. By the way, Penn State takes on Nebraska Saturday. Do you really think those victims are worth shutting down the football program for the year by the morons in-charge? No and there are 70 million reasons why.

THANK YOU!!!! GOD!!! FINALLY SOMEONE HAD THE BALLS TO SAY IT!!! No offense to people who like sports, but some of us don't give a shit about them.

I said that about college too. I was pissed my taxes and tuition went to a bunch of dumbass football, basketball and baseball players and idiot coaches that flunked every class we had them in. These jocks were on full scholarships. The truth is almost every professor agreed with me. Check that shit out. They privately thought it was bullshit too. The basketball players were, without a doubt, the dumbest people I met. Black or white. The white guys couldn't read (or write almost). They were there to play sports. They got passed with Cs except in class where professors refused to pass them. So, I accused one sports nut professor of academic fraud passing two of these morons that never took tests (or showed up 90% of the time).

I found it ridiculous in high school we spent most of the after school budget on jocks. Less than 1% of students. Ridiculous.

A guy opens the front door and sees a snail on his doorstep. He picks up the snail and throws it across the street in a neighbor's yard. A year later, the guy opens the front door and the same snail is on his doorstep. The snail says, "What the f*ck was that about?"