sherefe are you in therapy?

"i always knew i could stop it if only i tell you. the thing was only, it was dad and i knew i will mess HIS life if i talk. i knew i will make my brothers sad and i knew it will hurt you a lot. i did think of telling you many times and a few times i almost did. but when i balanced the pros and contras, i always came to the conclusion its better if i take the abuse than hurting everyone including dad. "

This very deeply saddens me, and shows how absurd and insane incest is.

What you can do is go to a professional and talk about things to help you work through the guilt shame ect that comes with knowing what you know now about your son. They will give you healthy strategies to work on to help your son. There is so much emotional issues invovled that he cant provide you with what he may need, and you can get the help thats needed.

sensitivity is a gift,so I have been told more than a few times, instead of trying to avoid it or the likes, help him harness that power that is much more helpful. "toughining" up or the likes didnt work in the past, time to embrace the emotional side and make it work for him.