Don't forget Lee, it's a two way street. You just have to be concerned with keeping your side of the road clean. Your wife has to deal with her own side of the road.

I learned that we (wives) have a responsibility to meeting our husband's needs and expectations too. But we can only do that if you communicate what they are.

In therapy I discovered that I was getting angry and frustrated with my husband because he was not meeting mine. I expected that he should know by now. "I can't believe we've been married for 23 years and I have to tell you. It should be a dance by now, one that we know by heart." But I didn't know that he just DIDN'T know. He wasn't not doing it on purpose, it wasn't because he didn't care or had better things to do. He just didn't "get" the clues. So I have a job of telling him. He was in a double bind because he didn't know and I wasn't going to tell him.
I'm a tad stubborn. So we agreed to communicate even the small stuff until he understood me. And I him.

So we're both taking baby steps!

"What about BOB!!!!" yes that's it!
God is my teacher, Jesus my comfort and the Holy Spirit my protector.
I AM Listening...

Thank you Mother Mary.
Pray the Rosary every day.