Thanks. It wasn't a nice stay. It was aspirant pneumonia. *grumbles* I'm down to nectar thick liquids and altered food textures. I have a lot of throat/swallowing issues from the SA. Huge gag reflex, some damage to some of the tissues in the throat, etc, it all combined basically leads to high risks of aspiration if I can actually get anything past my throat, and that's what did it.

I hate the altered diet/liquids... but it's the only way I can eat/drink anything right now without aspirating on it, so I'll do it. At least it gets the nutrition in, and I don't seem to have the gag reflex on the smooth food textures, so stuff is actually making it down.

I've actually managed to gain 6 pounds this month. Which is a huge stepping stone for me. I've been struggling just to 'maintain' without losing up to this point!

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