Hi Gary,

Sleep is VERY difficult when your mind won't shut off and the anxiety level is high. Flashbacks, at least for me, also generally tend to mean I won't sleep that night.. so if I have a few days in a row where I've been having flashbacks, pretty much I can guarentee that I will not sleep for a while...

I'm glad you found MS, though not happy that you needed to. But I hope it helps you, bro.

I don't post a WHOLE lot, but I do make occassional posts here and there in this folder and this thread... I guess this is a tracking thread for me... it's helped my T, as well, I occassionally print out my own posts to bring with me to sessions. It sometimes helps that way, too, since I can write and type. (I can't verbalize really. Not really, not without dissociating hard usually.)

I hope you are able to find the resources and assistance you need to heal, bro. It's a hard road.

Adapt. Overcome. Survive.