I did not writethis but promised to post it:

Rest in Peace Terrell
Born so sweet and pure
With everything to gain
Into a world that let you down
Took from you, and dealt you pain

Yet for all this world did to you
There is something that's still alive
This piece of you will live forever
That's your spirit and your drive

It breaks my heart to write this
For doing this means i agree
To accept that this is not a bad dream
That you're really gone, aged just 23

Remember that time we laughed and joked
At how it takes a lot to make us cry
You're probably shaking your head at me now
I cant believe it, I cant believe this is goodbye

All those things you had planned to do
It was gona be okay
It wasnt supposed to end like this
It wasnt. Not this way

Reading over old chat logs
You know I really did care
You'll never ever know how much
I wanted you out of there

I would've done anything for you guys
I would've helped you in any way
I never told you but i broke down bad
Reading your message on new years day

You had your little crew
These people knew you well
They had the ability to touch your heart
And get beyond your protective shell

There is one thing that makes me happy
You found it - take it to the sky
That amazing thing called unconditional love
As we both know, some things money just cant buy

You had so much left to give
And so much more living to do
How any god can justify this
For this I've not a clue

So as you're greeted at the gates of heaven
All broken, battered and torn
For all the good you did in your life
Eternal happiness is now born

I can hear you telling me 'dont trip'
And i'm trying, I really am
My cat never came home that time you know
Take care of him will you, his name is Sam

Some of the puppies never made it either
You'll recognise them up there too
I guess we protect each other
I didnt have the heart to tell either of you

Every time I hear The Voyage
I'll think of you and smile
I'm glad I got the chance to know you
Even though it was just for a short while

You've been taken way too soon
Why, I will never understand
I hope you rest in peace now dear Terrell
Its ok. The angels are holding your hand
"You can get far in life by pushing except through a door marked PULL...." Profile quote in my son's senior year HS Yearbook.