My darling son:

There is strength in number and you and I along with others who love you, professionals, and the men on this site are a very mighty force.

It grieves me that you or other male survivors felt that they would be considered "damaged goods." it would, I think break any parent's heart to feel that a child would fear negative feelings at telling of his victimization. That fear may be the biggest deterrent to ending sexual abuse. And yet it is a very real fear. Better minds than mine will have to figure out how to convince men of that. But I think many women already knwo it. Many know too well what it feels like to be used as a toy and discarded when the user has had enough "fun." Mothers are women so how can they can understand?

You owe me NO apologies. No matter how many people say I couldn't have known, I will alayso feel I SHOULD have known, at least should have made you know that no matter what anyone did to you, my love would be with you. If I didn't warn you clearly enough about "inappropriate touching" if I didn't make you feel totally secure in the love of your family so that you could tell us, I am at fault and owe you the apology.

The past can't be changed but together we can end the pattern of misery you've lived with in the light of love and truth.