You are my mother, and I love you with all my heart.I wanted to thank you publicly for agreeing to be a part of my recovery process. Your love and desire to help is empowering, and I can't help but feel that with your considerable strength behind me, we can finally defeat my daemons.

I'm sorry for all the years I lied to you. I was afraid that it would be too hurtful, overwhelming to you. I was also afraid of exposing indirectly the fact that I am, as you know, bisexual. I feared being rejected by you as 'damaged goods' and abandoned yet again. I know of course that this was irrational, but the irrational fears are often the most difficult to overcome.

I love you dearly, and in a bittersweet way I think the sharing of this terrible pain will bring us closer together. It's a chance for us to start again and put aside everything that has driven a wedge between us over the years.

lots of love and thanks from your beloved son and new best friend.