I wish to help if I can, you would do the same I'm sure smile !
Please be free to post same this thread at Male Survivors part of board, I'm sure that survivors would help you with all this issue.
Recovery is absolutely possible, sometimes some scars are left but we are capable of having completely normal lives, off course that huge work is needed to accomplish that... Good thing that your son is relatively young man, many survivors started recovery after some years; in 30s or 40s or even later, there are many examples here about that fact.
And unfortunately answer on your question is yes.
Men who experienced sexual abuse in childhood typically experience depression, PTSD or some other trait that prevented them from finishing school or holding jobs etc. There could be a lot problems including alcohol overuse, drugs, gambling, addiction, porn or sex addiction etc. Survivors are much more prone to those kind of problematic behavior than "regular" men...
But please don't be scared because of that fact, we need you grounded at every cost smile!
I'll need to think more about some things that could help you about that, I'll comment it later!
One more suggestion, there is wonderful guy here who already helped some wives, mothers and families, I'll send you PM with his contact and you can ask him for some advice too!
Be Well!
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