My son--who is 26-- hid the abuse from me for about 20 years. It had started around the time he entered elementary school, and he didn't tell me until about a year ago. I think I was in shock and denial for part of that time. I just couldn't believe that the neighbor "boy" I had known from his birth could be such a..what word is okay or do I have to be politically correct when mentioning the abuser? To answer your question, my son has been in and out of therapy most of his life because of his lack of impulse control, anger, acting out in school to the detriment of academics. For while, therapists said it was ADD then childhood depression. It really makes me angry that non of the professionals ever approached the possibility of sexual abuse. For the past few months, he has been in therapy with an MSW who himself was a victim of child abuse. He is also a member of this forum and says he is beginning to feel encouraged.