I watched a guy who trusts me disclose, confront, and get huge family support very recently. He's now immersed in a full array of professional care as a result.

From where I stand he's still a young man. Better said he's one of the bravest men I have ever come to know.

That's why I came here. I wish more of us could let go of the past & focus on today and tomorrow.

If you can not see that it gets better then you may need to do something else in your recovery. If you are stuck after more than a short period of time you need to look inside of you for the cause, not to those around you.

I never said this was easy, I keep saying it is very possible for those who truly want it however.

Be well.

"You can get far in life by pushing except through a door marked PULL...." Profile quote in my son's senior year HS Yearbook.