I haven't figured out how to get my husband to speak up yet Hero. It's frustrated me for years. Worried me because without trying to be, I know I can be dominating and my father is the same way. He doesn't run over my mother as much as he doesn't slow down to let her process her way. I didnt want to be that way. I ask, I reiterate how I'm fine w whatever he decides, cuz I am. There are only a handful of things I would feel tge need to hunker down on (all kid related). Nada. Now that I know this is a CSA related issue, I'm paralyzed. Do I do what I did in the past--ask 3 times then do it my way since he won't say? Do I ask 10 times? I've been reassuring him for a decade that if we don't agree, we will still be fine as a couple. The internal dialogue I have with myself now frustrates me more than ever now.
Wife of a survivor