HI gang. Question in need of advice. My wife knows of the sexual abuse done to me by my mother already. She stayed with me thru the years of therapy and was supportive. Since the Penn State abuse broke ( i live just outside of Philadelphia and heard gory details hourly when it broke) I have been having much difficulty ignoring/ pushing down the shit that happened besides that. one was long term sexual abuse my an older male cousin, was well groomed, and also being rraped at knifepoint by 2 men when i was 21. We had just had our first child die due to dr negligence and she was on the verge of a complete breakdown. so after it was over, i went home, showered and went to bed. now these incidents have me unable to sleep, eating enough for a small country and very anxious. I just became active again in speaking out about my abuse ( by mother person) to try to help others with this issue crawling up my back. she seems very sympathetic every time they talk about the boys of Penn state and says, " thats such a shame, those boys will need therapy for life." BUT since I am speaking out again, since I told her this is really bothering me, she says," I hope we aren't revisiting that again, we can't afford therapy for another 6 years." I feel trapped. I've told my sister about the rape but not that the other person was our cousin. thats got more blow the family apart issues as he is still around and we are close to his children. ANYWAY, I need to tell her about this and that I believe I need a therapy touchup as the rape and cousin carries the SSA issues. it may be ok, but I fear that she will come back with some form of OH shit, not this again but Pandoras box is opened and most of us know how that is. just looking for support and maybe one of you has been in a similar situation. Hangin on, Dex