This is a thread that is more complicated than it appears cuz human sexuality is more complicated.

The key for you may be WHEN did you suffer CSA. You say you werent attracted to males b4 that, only females. Then after the desire to have sex with men. There is sort of a bell curve when most guys knew they were gay, some eary, most in the middle, arround the begining to end of puberty some later. So its hard to know if your sexuality was really firmly established. Hell many men on this site , WAY after puberty are still unsure or not convinced.

Dog genes have variable genes on only 3 sites making the vast array of sizes and shapes possible. Humans its multiple places and factors including epigenetics( changes in genes after birth) and psychological factors like imprinting and such. We know that imprinting is strong but not alone cuz it doesnt work when a really str8 environment produces a gay kid without having had CSA. Most of my gay friends now were not abused.

Then there is ultimately the question of DOES IT MATTER. We live today, so unless we can go back, there is really no point on wasting stomach space on this rumination.

I guess its an accademic exercise. I found an old text on human sexuality from the 1920's. Yes we gays are considered inferior but it says that no attempts to change the orientation have been successful. Many have a phase of experimentation in early years , just curiosity but for some, that persists. Lots of kids are curios but it does not "make them gay" just having experienced a gay of you show me urs. I still remember the little girl in the blue dress in grade 4 at recess. Nope , no imprinting there.

If you still not sure if its imprinting check out and watch, A clockwork orange. AH me drugies.

Trigger warning

We are what we are. Now that i am finally here, it feels pretty damn good. Its like I can breath finally. Look in peoples eyes instead of the floor, leave the alcohol for social lubrication to others and just BE.

The need for love lies at the very foundation of human existence. Dalai Lama

WoR Barrie 2011