What a joke. How about spending your time helping the boys and men and women whose lives pedophile priests shattered and you helped cover up. That money he blew could be better spent elsewhere. Yeah, it's time they paid taxes.

"The custom-blended eau de cologne reportedly mixes the aromas of lime trees, verbena and grass, reflecting Benedict's love of nature. But good luck picking up your own bottle, as Casoli has reportedly entered into a "pact of secrecy" with the religious leader. "I would not ever repeat the same perfume for another customer," Casoli told the Guardian."


A guy opens the front door and sees a snail on his doorstep. He picks up the snail and throws it across the street in a neighbor's yard. A year later, the guy opens the front door and the same snail is on his doorstep. The snail says, "What the f*ck was that about?"