Hey, Anamalous,

Most everything in Florida is about money. I have the drug card. Florida does that so as to "care" about people. Hahaha! Truth is, Walmart's $4 plan did it way better. I use them. They have a free clinic here but the doc I saw damn near killed me. If I hadn't signed the no-sue contract, I would have talked to a lawyer. Not to get rich but to get the care I need. He either didn't care or was incompetent and missed the CHF. I saw him in Nov. and he wanted me to see him in 90 days or more and just was diagnosed with CHF. I really wonder which it was. He also couldn't follow up on stuff so I go to the health department. The guy there had his thyroid removed so he knows it. He's not a doc but way better than the doc. If anything serious, I go to the ER. If they refuse to treat (one does..scum), I will sue. Both are for-profits. My credit sucks anyway so I don't care how much they spend. If I found gold or something, I'd pay 'em back.

One hospital has charity care. But, they are cutting it huge. They just went for-profit. They all have charity care, but, at for-profits, it's for people w/insurance that can't pay. Figure that out. Even the one I've went to that was non-profit last year (ER visits..2), I should've been admitted. Had a BNP test that was like 1500-2000. They are not supposed to let you go until under 600 DUE TO DEATH WORRIES (stroke/heart attack). It was like, we can admit you but if you want to go home, you can, and we know you want to go home. Legally, they violated the law, but that's some bullshit in a book somewhere that ain't enforced. It's called EMTALA. Federal law. I didn't know the law fully when I was there that time, or I would've said, admit me. I could walk in there now and they'd have to admit. 900-1000 BNP levels now.

The free clinics don't like to treat patients with very serious health issues. At least the one I know about. They pretty much said that. The other clinics are Medicaid scams. I don't qualify till I get Disability then won't when I get Medicare after 2 years.

The simple truth about charity care is they like to do it for patients that have insurance gaps or poor women. Google it and you'll find stories. I actually read studies on that and EMTALA. Treatment is not the same either. If I had insurance when I went there in Nov. 2011, I can guarantee you my ass would've been there for weeks. Patient dumping is illegal but goes on all the time. In LA, one hospital was fined for putting sick patients in a cab and dumping them in the bad section of town. They did it to some 80 year old woman. Video is on youtube. Hippocratic Oath is bullshit in USA.

The only reason Florida gives a fuck period is they get tons of federal money for Medicaid and docs get rich ripping off Medicaid. Our Gov. is one that ripped off Medicare and got rich. Look up Rick Scott. Asshole should be in prison.

Surgery is my only option. The radioactive iodine would kill me due to releasing all the hormones stored in my two goiters. If you have goiters, you can also have cancer in them. Until they remove them, the doc is lying if he says no you don't before. It may not show up on a test before unless it spread. If you have goiters, they only treatment is removal. I have at least 2. Even when I had a career and great insurance, I would not want the bill for surgery and recovery. ICU is required after surgery. Since I've waited due to being broke, surgery might not get rid of the CHF. I'm right at the level of cardiomyopathy. That's less than 40% ejection fraction. It means I only have 40% use of my heart. I've lost 33% almost overnight.

Thanks a lot for the information, man. I've thought of everything including a felony. Hahaha The felony would work. haha I ain't doing it though unless I get where pain is unbearable.


A guy opens the front door and sees a snail on his doorstep. He picks up the snail and throws it across the street in a neighbor's yard. A year later, the guy opens the front door and the same snail is on his doorstep. The snail says, "What the f*ck was that about?"