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Sorry to be responding so late -- I just found this post.

I do not know if the hospitals in Florida have these, but up here (north east) the hospitals have a "family practice" attached to them. They offer services to those who cannot afford them.

If your local hospitals do not have a family practice, there are usually no/ low cost health clinics. Typically, these clinics are in the areas where there are large populations of people with little resources. Some of the clinics are walk-in and have a 'first come, first served' way of doing things. Other clinics have appointments. They all have doctors from a wide range of specialities.

To find the name/ numbers of the clinics call the teaching hospitals in your area and ask for the name(s) of the clinic(s) with whom they are affiliated.

*If* you do have surgery, be advised that you may have surgical trainees either observing the surgery and/ or doing part of the actual surgery, under the direction of the chief surgeon.

I, too, am in the position of no insurance and major medical issues. I understand your struggles.

*If* you see the doctors you need but cannot afford the pre>

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