I like what you had to say here and find a lot of worth in your words. I too have had to work to reconnect with who I was before the rape. It has been an interesting journey.

As a man who has had to re-work female terms for the first years of recovery and later male CSA ones at times here I am pretty much unemotional about it. I have come to the point of no longer caring to try to change anything for my head hurts from the efforts. But one day things must change in order for more men who have been raped to come forward or to feel like they have a place - whether here or in the 3D world. We all look for things with our names on them or titles that identify us.

I am not concerned with myself as I have had to deal with this for almost twenty-two years now. If I had waited for the changing of terminology or the understanding of others I would still be suicidal, self destructive and living in the darkest of places. For those who have recently been assaulted and those to come in the days ahead I would like to see changes and true resources be created.

Right now the surface has barely been scratched and much is simply going through the motions.


Broad statements often miss their true mark.