I've found in past Healing Circles that in order for an HC to basically work, participation is a must. Four participants is a bare minimum and even that is pushing it.

If initially ten people showed interest, it was typical for 1-2 to drop out after the first or second meeting. Perhaps they decided it wasn't what they were needing, but wanted to give it a try. The number of participants would then go down to eight. Add to this that things just come up for people, and they have to tend to other matters and are unable to join for a given week. Now for a couple weekes in a row the group might be down to six. Then five, and so on. Changing it to a drop-in style group certainly helped in the long run.

It's understandable things come up, and at times people cannot attend. But the fewer people there are, the less likely the group will be productive. I personally do not recall how many people showed interest in 2010, but if it was only four or five, the group would be dead on arrival, following previous trends.

I started a PM with those I knew showed interest this time around, and we discussed for weeks what time would work best for everyone, and during those times I got concerned whether there would be enough participation. It also occurred to me that maybe there could be some participants in North America, aside from our friend mike13, and they can join as well, assuming they are not at work, or in my case sleeping.

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