This is a really fascinating topic for me. I don't know the statistics or even if there is a decent study on the subject but in my experience, especially on this site there seems to be an extremely high correlation between same sex attraction and CSA among men. I think this is a question that scares some people somewhat. A lot of gay people place a lot of importance on the idea that they were born that way. This is understandable because being gay is not easy in our society, just about in any society! And the journey that people take on their way to coming out as gay is a difficult journey. After finding the inner strength and confidence to finally accept that they "just are that way", it is understandable that some people could be irritated when someone comes along and says "maybe you weren't born this way." But I've done a lot of research and it seems that nobody knows what makes someone homosexual, although there are correlations concerning genetics, birth order, and to no small extent CSA, that can make someone more likely to be gay, no one thing is the clincher. But the question that I find so interesting is:

What exactly is the mechanism whereby and disproportionate number of CSA victims develop same sex attractions? How does that work? I would really love to know and I don't think that it's impossible to know, I think psychologists could easily figure it out. It seems though, that they're afraid to, understandably. Imagine if they find that the SSA is a direct result of the CSA. Fox new would immediately be reporting that it turns out that homosexuality is a psychological disorder after all, you know? The way irresponsible people might react to the information could be quite damaging. Although I'm always of the philosophy that truth is more helpful than being in the dark.

I personally consider myself bisexual and I don't know if my SSA is a direct result of my CSA. I do know that I quite like myself the way I am and I wouldn't give up my SSA if I had the choice, even if it can be inconvenient.

I have no idea if it could be anything close to the truth, but there's an old theory that Sigmund Freud invented that went out of style with Alfred Kinsey that everyone is born bisexual and that early life experiences shape our sexuality over time. This theory explains my sexuality very well, and it seems reasonable, but it is rather out of fashion, and I have no idea whether it explains other people's sexuality as well as it explains mine. It is probably more likely that many, but not all people are born bisexual, and then many, but not all people end up on one side or another because of their life experiences. If only this topic were easy!

It can also be discomforting to think that our abuser helped to make us who we are today. It's a sad thing. We all wish that our abuser never entered our life and did what he/she did, but the fact is that they did shape our lives very much, and that many changes can not be undone, but even though our lives have been influenced by bad people, we are able to make the choices that make us good people.

Holy cow that was longwinded and started to get off topic, but I enjoyed writing it.