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... The CSA has had an enormous negative impact on my entire life, and especially in my work. I abandoned the career choice I made early in life, because I was too messed up to do that, and I have never had much more than a minimum wage job. It's a serious matter, but I am not sure I have the emotional stability to go through with all the legal proceedings.

I certainly understand your position.

I'm sure that the career I had before recovery was very adversely affected by the abuse I experienced as a child.

I had a career before starting recovery. I lost it several years after starting my recovery from abuse. My status got much, much worse after amnesia lapsed. So finally I also re-entered the labor force by taking a low-paying job. That's the reason we need compensation. That stuff ruined our employment possibilities. Also, I have paid the bulk of my counseling fees out of my own pocket. The BSA (boy scouts) always talks about financial reasons for not compensating victims, but it's my understand that their upper administrators are very well paid. It has taken a long time for my head to clear about a lot of stuff relating to those abuse issues. It wasn't my fault and it wasn't yours either.


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