Hi Avery! Thanks for the good thoughts and wishes. I will let you know when I hear something. I have considered contacting the lawyer, but I know I need to give them whatever research time they need and contacting them might just add to my expenses right now.

Hi Puffer! This one is not my story, but this is another case by the law firm that is taking my case. Thanks for asking and your encouragement. I am kinda wondering if I made the right decision in pursuing this. The CSA has had an enormous negative impact on my entire life, and especially in my work. I abandoned the career choice I made early in life, because I was too messed up to do that, and I have never had much more than a minimum wage job. It's a serious matter, but I am not sure I have the emotional stability to go through with all the legal proceedings.


"The sexual abuse and exploitation of children is one of the most vicious crimes conceivable, a violation of mankind's most basic duty to protect the innocent." ~James T. Walsh