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I used to own a small business, not much to open. You can get group insurance (even for just 2 employees) and it will cover your pre-existing.

Please email me, my boat is the same as yours and I am taking care of it now.

I just joined this site for this purpose. I don't know if my email shows, but it is thebeatgoeson77@gmail.com

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Hey, Elaine, Thanks you so much for responding. I didn't know about your response till Pero told me today. Sorry I didn't respond. I'm glad you found this idea. I looked at it in December last year. Quite a few people have done it. The problem is I'm just broke, no income period. Florida has extremely high group insurance rates for less than 50 employees. More employees the cheaper it gets. Main reason why most small businesses in Florida don't offer it. And, they are allowed to up the price for pre-existing conditions. Heart issues being the worst. Unofficially, I found rates to be $600-1,000+ a month. They wouldn't quote without a business and knowing who I was. Thanks a lot. I appreciate it. Thank you.

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