you keep talking about child rapists. pedophiles and child rapists are not the same thing. having pedophilic urges does not make a person a child rapist. you keep saying you disagree with being the thought police, yet insinuate that a person having specific thoughts is a "deep offense on society". that is essential "policing".

But, considering pedophilia as a deep offense to society, thought or offending, is a good thing if it protects one kid from getting raped and living a life full of shit.

that is the point. considering pedophilic thoughts as blasphemous does nothing to protect children from rape. it continues the problem, only this time, those who may possibly be capable of help and treatment prior to offense are left in the dark without any ability to receive help due to their so called, erm, deep offense to society.

all you need to do is look at the statistics for child rape and my point becomes evident. silence at any point does no good either for the child or for a pedophile who has urges.

Pedophilia as just thoughts belongs in the purview of the professionals that are trained to deal with such things

that doesn't help anyone anywhere. it is basically permission to keep up the oppressive environment where no one can speak of anything in their mind again, prior to offense. again, you keep bringing up child rape. pedophilia and child rape are two different things.

arguing that child rape is wrong while bashing pedophiles is an irrelevant argument because it insinuates that thoughts automatically equal action. you don't just "apply" a definition to a group of people that "only" applies to specific other people. how does that help?

it is like the stigma attached to BPD. most people do not want to be BPD or have BPD because people consider people with BPD to be automatically abusive or annoying or grating or whatever. there are treatment-capable, non-abusive BPDs out there. just like there are treatment-capable, non-abusive pedophiles out there. just like there are treatment-capable schizophrenics out there.

it has nothing to do with recognition as a disability. ASPD - antisocial personality disorder (psychopathy, sociopathy) is also a mental illness as defined by the DSM. there are ASPDs who don't go around killing other people. ASPD as a set of inherent traits and functions doesn't "just" apply to the treating therapist.

I believe people can conquer thinking anything and remove it from their lives. It's not fair.

which is the entire point of my argument. it is not fair to ostracize someone for their thoughts. actions? yes. you rape a child, people think you are bad - i'm okay with that. i understand that. it makes sense to me. child rape is ethically repugnant.

but insinuating that a pedophile (which is defined inherently by thoughts first, followed by action, as you think before you act) is automatically a sex offender is just that - ostracizing. it is silence and shaming. people think things every day. if i were punished for every thought i had as being bad i might as well just jump off a bridge right now.

i would absolutely prefer a pedophile to be out in the open, discussing their beliefs and urges, and subsequently not raping a child and learning to identify their issues, rather than a pedophile who is not allowed to discuss their beliefs or their urges, and who feels there is no outlet for what is inside of them.

having no outlet and being stigmatized is a stressor. stressors make people act out just as much as their initial thoughts do. pressure, stress, hate, fear, shame, silence. the dichotomy is remarkable. pedophilia is inherently an abuse issue, imo, and it should be treated like an abuse issue.

i wish people who had pedophilic urges were not suddenly considered lepors. it would do a lot more good in the long run in preventing more abuse from happening. abuse starves when the light is shined on it. you know that? the more you examine and look at abuse, the less power it has. why would you want to give anyone the opportunity to sit around ruminating in the dark? when you could shine the truth light on them and get it all out in the open.

abuse thrives under secrecy. from both ends.

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