Effectiveness of Tears

There is an understandable frustration from ASA men when it comes to securing assistance for the pain and anguish we feel. It appears to us as if CSA men and women and women ASA’s have far more services supplied for them. Is this true? I don’t have the opportunity to do a scientific study but from the perspective of an ASA man it sure feels accurate.

I often times wonder if it has more to do with tears than gender or age. Men often times hide their tears from view. But we have them; thousands of tears that do not stream from our eyes but this is how children and women express their wounds and hurts. Often our tears appear in the public forum not in the form of streaming fluids but as angry words. We often times replace our cries with harsh dictates and absolute thoughts. This is how many of us reach out for help only to find others withdrawing and sadly withholding help we desperately need and deserve. Even here when we, as ASA men, firmly speak out we are told to stop posting for it comes across as condemning or critical. Why? Maybe because we refuse to come to the forum with tears flooding the page instead we come with strength in our needs and this is viewed as a threat.

When a child cries or when a woman’s eyes fill with tears – society opens its arms and wraps them in comforting support. But for those of us that do not cry publicly but still have emotions and needs to be expressed and helped – society feels the need to protect itself by rejecting our needs.

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